Meet the Angel Family

Angel is a driver and Yanira is a maid. They place a great value on education as a tool to uplift so they encourage their three boys to study hard. Alvaro (15) is in eight grade, Luis (11) is in fifth grade, and their youngest Adolfo (7) is in first grade this year. Due to their parents love and guidance, all three boys are excelling in school.

This is a feat given their living situation. There is no electricity to study, no running water to get ready for school in the morning nor to remain healthy, and barely any space for the boys to play, do homework, or get a good night's rest. The shack the family lives in is tiny, with just enough room to fit a couple of beds where the five of them sleep. In this tiny space, the family carries out most of their daily activities. Rains cause the poorly insulated shelter to flood. The floods increase the family's risk of losing their home in a landslide. The moisture from the rain also brings swarms of mosquitoes and other insects into the home. The whole family has been infected with dengue fever and Chikungunya from mosquitoes carrying the diseases.

Angel and Yanira work tirelessly to create a promising future for their sons. They're doing all of the right things, but their environment makes thriving nearly impossible. A new home supports health and thriving in school and work. In the New Story community, families will live in a home built to withstand local natural disasters. Homes will have running water and plumbing, which contributes to improved health and hours saved from having to collect and carry water. The new community is located about 10 minutes away from their current slum, so families are removed from their dangerous living environment, but still have access to their jobs and schools. Parks placed throughout the new town will give children a safe place to play, and parents a space to congregate and build community. "We will build the home with our own hands if given the opportunity", Angel exclaims.