Meet the Martinez Lucha Family

Maribel and her daughter Evelyn have lived with their relatives for fifteen years now in Ahuachapan, El Salvador. Three families share a small house together. The house is made of mud walls that attract bugs. There, Maribel and Evelyn share a small room and all the house’s facilities with two other families. $20 per month of Maribel’s hard-earned money goes to paying rent for the tiny room. She looks forward to a day when she can invest that money into her family’s future.

Evelyn is Maribel’s pride and joy. She is very proud of all that her daughter has accomplished, and knows that she has many great things ahead of her. Maribel works as a maid to pay for rent and to pay for Evelyn to go to college. She is currently studying to become a lawyer. Maribel’s biggest dream for her daughter is to have a home and to receive an education. She continues to work hard every day for Evelyn because she knows that Evelyn has a lot of potential and a great future ahead. They know a home will offer safety and a stable foundation for them to continue working toward a brighter future.