Meet the Arevalo Martinez - Gonzales Arevalo Family

Luis (44) and Dina (39) are a hardworking couple who have lived together for twenty-four years in Ahuachapan, El Salvador. Luis works as a driver, and Dina sells vegetables to provide for their kids. The couple has four children, two of whom have married and moved away. Their son, Hernan (12), attends sixth grade and wants to become a lawyer someday. Their youngest daughter, Veronica, is four.

Luis and Dina have been evicted many times from previous houses because they were unable to make rent. They currently rent a house that is both smaller and cheaper than their previous homes: at 25 square-meters, the building consists of porous mud walls and a metal sheet roof. While rent is affordable here, the house is positioned right by an outhouse, which causes their home to smell of feces and urine, and makes the family more prone to sickness.

The family lives a life devoid of luxuries: a small mirror with cracked lines and jagged edges rests on the wall above a cheap plastic stool. Because the family does not own dressers, they store clothes where they can: across the many walls of their home, their belongings have been hung on clotheslines. In their bedroom, a Dole cardboard box overflows with clothing. Their small floor is covered with the peppers, avocados, and tomatoes that Dina sells at the market. Limited light enters the house through the windows, and the family does not have electricity.

Luis and Dina dream of owning a home, which would not only eliminate the stress of possible eviction, but would foster a healthier environment for their children. They hope to build a future for their family full of happiness and growth. With your help, we can provide Luis and Dina a home of their own, a place healthier and safer than their current housing situation.