Meet the Transito Ruiz Enriquez Family

In El Salvador, Irma (45) works as a janitor in the City Hall of Ahuachapan, where she supports her family by cleaning the Central Market bathrooms. Irma lives with her son, Carlos (14), who attends fifth grade. Her eldest daughter is married, and moved out a few years prior.

Because Irma cannot afford her own housing, she and her son live in her parents’ home. The environment is crowded and because multiple adult families are living in the house and everyone does not get along well.

Her parents’ old house is in poor structural condition. The mud walls are porous, and allow water to leak into the home. This creates a damp environment within their home, a breeding ground for mold and other dangerous growths. The old roof allows for insects, termites, and rats to enter, all of which are pests that chip away at their limited food supply and precarious walls. The family does not have electricity, and it is often dark within the home, making it an uncomfortable environment for both work and family time.

Irma works hard at her job and eager to leave the toxic environment she is currently in with her son. With your help, we can provide Irma and Carlos a home of their own, where this family can enjoy live safely.