Meet the Castaneda Juarez - Margueiz Family

Mainor (34) and Morena (26) have been together for over 6 years, they have four children named Victor, Jonathan, Irma, and Jairo. All five family members live together in a rented shack in Ahuachapan, El Salvador.

Mainor works selling traditional food in the central market, while Morena works in a ‘pupuseria’. Together they make barely enough to cover the daily needs of the family. Morena has even considered leaving her family to going to the USA so that she can earn money to send back home.

The walls of their shack is made of dirt. Sticks shootout to hold a flimsy roof in place. Humidity causes mold in different parts of the house and water that leaks into the dwelling attract mosquitoes and flies which could transmit a variety of diseases prevalent in the region. The home could collapse at any moment.

The parents worry daily for the safety of their children. Their home is a hazard and there is no safe place for the kids to play or study.

Despite the limitations, Mainor and Morena approach each day with optimism and the determination to bring better opportunities for their children. With your contribution, we will build a safe home in a supportive community where children can thrive and grow to help break the cycle of poverty. Each family will pay back the cost of their home (all funds will go to a community fund) and their sense of dignity and hope will be restored.