Meet the Barrientos Family

Estela (35) is a hardworking single mother of two kids, Jennifer and Roberto. Jennifer (10) is in third grade, and would like to be a doctor one day to help those in need. Roberto (15) is a smart boy in the eighth grade, with outstanding school achievements.

The Barrientos family used to live in a small shack—made of flimsy metal sheets—behind their grandmother’s equally small structure. Several months ago, a night of heavy rain pummeled the shack to the ground.

Currently, the family of three live in a tiny room, an uncomfortable space far from fulfilling the needs of a family. Their house is built of old plastic and metal sheets haphazardly nailed together. Their floor is made of dirt and mosquitoes swarm the containers of water in the home - kept there because there is no running water.

Still, Estela is unrelenting. A passionate cook, she makes flavorful foods native to her hometown, vending her homemade dishes throughout the small village. Her grit has taught her children the importance of responsibility and hard work in caring for family.

When informed of the possibility of a new house, Estela burst into tears excitedly. Laughing, she immediately offered to help with construction. The entire family shares her sentiments: her children are thrilled at the possibility of receiving a sturdy home, one that will assuage their fears of structural dangers and allow more living space for the family to carry out their daily responsibilities. With your help, we can help provide the Barrientos a safe, healthy living home, which will impact the life trajectory of families for generations.