Meet the Lino Escalante Family

To provide for her family of three, Mirna (30) prepares corn tamales and sells them on the streets of nearby neighborhoods. She has two beautiful children, Oscar (6) and Kimberly (1). A thoughtful, dedicated mother, she keeps her children well-fed and tidy, despite their living conditions.

Mirna and her two children live in a small home next to her grandmother’s house. Her 10 square-meter home is made of bamboo sticks and plastic. The house is prone to extreme temperatures, making their living situation nearly unbearable: during the day, the house is hot and stuffy, while the nights are frigid and windy. The discomfort of simply residing within the house stifles both productivity and family time. The house itself is dilapidated: tall branches that have been broken off trees keep a plastic sheet in place, which acts as an exterior wall. Pieces of cardboard line another wall. A paper plate full of food rests on a rusty barrel, which the family uses as an outdoor table. Mirna has no access to direct water, and gets electricity from a light bulb connected to her grandmother’s home.

Mirna dreams of a home where her children can develop healthily and happily, and where her family can comfortably spend time together as they build their future. With a new home, Mirna plans to redistribute the family expenses such that she can spend more on nutritious foods and other basics so that her children are no longer living in survival mode.

With your help, we can provide the Lino-Escalante’s a home of their own with running water and electricity, which will drastically improve their standard of living.