Meet the Castro - Hernandez Castillo Family

Young parents Jocelyn (20) and Miguel Angel (24) live with their two-year-old daughter, Kimberly, in Ahuachapan. Jocelyn is a vendor, while Miguel Angel works as a security guard in San Salvador.

The couple lives with their parents, who have been staying on a farmer’s property as colonos (workers who live on the very farmland they work on) for over thirty-five years. Their small shack—made of jagged mud-bricks and sticks—shelters an extended family of six. Space is limited; items are sorted into tall piles and tacked to the walls. Clothing is left to dry on a clothesline—right above their bed. At night, the family distributes buckets around the house to collect water leaking through the roof. The walls have cracks, allowing dust and water to seep through. Due to the unhealthy conditions surrounding their current home, their infant, Kimberly, often gets sick. This causes both emotional and financial strain for the young parents, who dearly love their child but bring in little income.

A hard worker by nature, Jocelyn works with her sister-in-law to sell vegetables and used clothes. During the mango season, Jocelyn herself sells dozens of mangos for little pay. She dreams of establishing a small store for used clothing in her home, as she believes this will help expand the family budget.

With tears in her eyes, Jocelyn expressed that her greatest dream is to live in a house without fear of eviction or sanitation issues.

Their home is fully funded! What happens next? 100% of the money raised for this family will go directly to hiring local workers and buying local materials. Our local partner in El Salvador is excited to break ground and start construction. Soon, this family will start their new story!