Meet the Hernandez de Rivas Family

Sandra (43) is a single mother raising three children ages 15, 11, and 6.

Although Sandra works hard to take care of her kids, she is currently not able to provide them with a safe living environment. Their small room is located within the very house where Sandra works as a maid. There are large cracks in the ceiling and walls, exposing the family to wind and dust. Due to the tenuous condition of the house’s structure, the children become frightened at the slightest tremor. When it rains, water leaks through the broken metal sheets, exposing the family to health hazards like mold.

Despite the dire conditions of extreme poverty, Sandra has raised three sweet, well-behaved, and responsible kids. Kevin (15), the eldest son, is an excellent football player in the seventh grade. With a stellar academic record, he has high hopes for a sports scholarship. Fourth-grader Erick (11) would like to become a lawyer when he grows up. Andrea (6), the youngest, dreams of becoming a doctor.

Sandra longs for the blessing of a home of her own for her children. She would like to start her own business and provide a better life for her kids, making it possible to turn their career dreams into a reality.

With your help, we can provide the Rivas-Hernandez’s a home of their own with sturdy walls, running water, and electricity, drastically improving their standard of living.