Meet the Jean-Louis Family

Jesula “Armarante” Jean-Louis is an optimistic young mother living in Labodrie, Haiti. A 24-year resident of Labodrie, Jesula has been forced to live in a battered tarp tent with a dirt floor and tin roof for the last couple of years.

Jesula’s two children live with their grandmother where they study hard and have the opportunity to go to school. Though she’s happy that her children are getting an education, Jesula misses being with them. She shares the tent with three other people, and the tin roof and ripped tarp walls make the summer months unbearably hot. The roof and tarp also leak when it rains.

If Jesula had a house, she would be able to live with her children again. Her children would also have the opportunity to live with their mother and live in a safe and healthy environment for them to thrive. Let’s help Jesula and her family have a house that they can be proud of!